Social media often affords plenty of positives


The net may be a cruel, merciless area sometimes. For ESPN reporter Royce Young, he these days got a dose of just how toxic social media can be.

When he made a factor about the Thunder, one fan took matters a little too a ways whilst he used a own family tragedy to convey the ESPN reporter down. The disgruntled Twitter consumer spoke back to one among Young’s tweets, pronouncing: “Don’t be mad bc Russ’ daughters are alive in contrast to yours.”

Royce Young and his spouse, Keri, misplaced their daughter, Eva, back in 2017 whilst she was stillborn due to a lethal and rare clinical condition called Anencephaly. Obviously, it is a completely critical problem. Needless to say, humans had been pissed.While social media often affords plenty of positives, it is things like this that made it dangerous. Trolls and fanatics who think it’s suitable to behave difficult whilst a reporter is doing their process most effective make matters worse for all people else.


Fortunately, the good side of social media got here out in aid of Young, proving that maximum folks are above that form of behavior.The user has when you consider that deactivated his account, in all likelihood feeling beaten with the amount of complaint he turned into receiving.

No doubt, the loss of a daughter is by no means smooth. In mild of a tragedy, the family seems to have made the first-class of things. On March five, the own family celebrated the delivery of their youngest son, Everett. The circle of relatives has additionally helped many human beings get hold of lifestyles-saving organs as a result of their daughters’ tragic death.

So, inside the batttle of internet troll vs Royce Young, the impolite fan undoubedly misplaced this one.But Monday, one Twitter person went too a ways by way of focused on ESPN’s Thunder reporter Royce Young and his wife, who lost their daughter some years ago.

Royce and Keri Young lost their daughter Eva Grace returned in 2017, whilst she changed into stillborn as a result of a unprecedented clinical condition referred to as Anencephaly. But through the devastation, they shared their story as a manner to assist others, and they brought consciousness to the shortage of neonatal organ donations inside the u . S . A ..

Early Monday, April 22, one Twitter user preyed on their tragedy, allegedly after Royce tweeted about Russell Westbrook for the duration of Sunday night time’s press conference.

Thankfully, it did not take long for humans to rally across the reporter and his own family, reminding humans of his proper individual, and the way gentle hearted the Young own family is.


“The Young’s are exceptional human beings. I’ve had the opportunity to satisfy them. Not at extremely good lengths… And I suppose they constitute folks that are loving, worrying, actual folks who simply want to do the whole lot they can for the folks that might advantage from their actions,” President and CEO of LifeShare Transplant Donor Services of Oklahoma, Jeffrey Orlowski, said.