Severe Thunderstorm Warnings via National Weather Service


Here’s what you need to you do when a Severe Thunderstorm Watch is issued: It is your signal that you will need to take quick action to guard your life and assets.

Severe Thunderstorm Warnings are issued via the National Weather Service whilst meteorologists hit upon a excessive thunderstorm the use of Doppler radar or when harm has been stated by educated Skywarn weather spotters.

Typically, a Severe Thunderstorm Warning might be issued for a place as huge as a county or , and for a period of up to one hour.


In the textual content of the warning declaration, NWS attempts to make a selected list of towns that are likely to be inside the route of the hurricane.

You ought to listen to pay attention if groups or landmarks close to you’re stated within the caution.If you are outside, get inner your property, a sturdy building, or for your vehicle.
Boaters must head to shore at once.
When interior, visit an indoors room on the lowest degree. Stay faraway from home windows and outdoors doors.
Do not use electric home equipment and avoid the use of the telephone, as lightning can travel via electric and telephone strains.If you are using, competently pull over to the side of the road till the typhoon passes.

Heavy rain falling from any thunderstorm can flood roads quickly, so by no means try to force thru a place wherein water covers the street, even in case you think it’s far shallow.

Water can also sweep your vehicle away in case you try to force through it.The National Weather Service has posted a excessive thunderstorm warning for Cumberland County till 9:15 p.M. These storms are crossing from west to east across critical Pennsylvania this evening.

At 8:50 p.M. It changed into positioned over Walnut Bottom, Cumberland County, transferring east at 55 mph.

Very heavy rain is anticipated. Dime to penny-sized hail and winds in extra of 60 mph are feasible.


Storms are anticipated to preserve for another hour or two, with sunny skies and excessive temps round 70 forecast for Wednesday.

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