Netscaler Gateway


Citrix Netscaler gateway is also known as Access gateway. At present generation, many IT employees are feeling worried to do the work assigned in a productive. They are feeling like to access a lot of mainly. In software companies, the main role of the employees is to do the assigned work by switching to different E-mail accounts. Daily they have to log in into various types of Emails so that they opt to remember a lot of Ultimax credentials to perform the given work in an assorted time. To remember the lot of Ultimax credentials the employees are feeling very stressed. The IT employees are facing problems like to work in the company premises only, To remember Ultimax credentials, To log in into different types of E-mail accounts to access webmails.

About Netscaler Gateway:

Netscaler gateway is one of the secured well-designed application to store the data files without being hacked or copied. This Netscaler gateway application offers the system administrators tiny application and data level control when the employees are empowering by remote access from any locations. This Netsacler Gateway application offers features like app security, Management of Consent, to lead an industry and scalability with the electronic appliances that scale almost 10,000 concurrent users. This Netscaler app provides the employees of both physical and Netscaler gateway appliances. Without logging into several mail accounts the employees can get their emails on a single platform by using this application on their devices. Within a single sign on the employees can do the assigned work sitting from anywhere.

The employees have to use very strong authentication to log in to Citrix Netscaler gateway. Most of the employees in who are in the environment at where high security is needed the employees use this Net Scaler Gateway combining with DIGIASS authentication Endpoint security, double hop configurations which supports DIGIPASS by using a one-time password.  The Citrix Receiver application supports SSL connections to Netscaler Gateway.


If the users are facing any problems to access your emails here we are providing the alternate quick solution without remembering the Ultimax credentials. The users are facing a lot of problems to access emails. The temporary problems rarely facing by the employees like: To logging into different mail accounts, To remember more Ultimax credentials, To get access to different mail accounts, To complete the given work in the office premises only, etc. Without using more Ultimax credentials the employees can do the access of emails within a single sign-on option. This is an all in one app where the employees get access to different emails and files. Once installing the app,  The employees can directly login from their Mobile, Computer and employees can access their webmails on Android device or Apple phones.