How to Access My TCS Emails from Outside


TCS Webmail Login Page

TCS Webmail is one of the email service which is provided by Tata Consultancy Services. If you are working under TCS company then this plugin helps you to send emails. TCS moved its webmail behind VPN, it creates problem to its employees, because they are not able to use emails outside of the premises. So that we create this plugin for the easy use of the TCS employee.

From here we will help you to learn how to access TCS webmail on your mobile. is an official site for the company, it allows the employees to access tcs emails. If you want to use your ultimatix credential login from outside premises of the company it is too difficult. But here we have listed a way to help you to access TCS emails on your Android or iOS mobile.

How to access TCS Webmail

  • If you want to login into TCS webmail page, first you need to download the app called Citrix workspace on your android or apple.
  • You can get this app from Google play store or apple app store.
  • Download and install the citrix receiver app, after successfully completion of the app you can open
  • Now enter your login details like username and password with the same login into the tcs webmail.

After installing the app, you can easily access tcs emails anywhere using your mobile or laptop. This is one of the easy and best solution which will help you to access tcs webmail anywhere. In TCS webmail login page there are so many options are available. Comment in the below if you are facing any issue by downloading this app.


About TCS

Tata Consultancy Services Limited is one of the popular information Technology Company in India. TCS has changed webmail to VPN from the past few months. With the help of citrix workspace, you can easily access tcs emails by using any of your device. One of the disadvantage of using this VPN you are not able to see the emails which are 3 days older.

Make sure you need to access tcs webmail from secure system. Webmail can contain personal and any other information, there is no need to compromise with the use of non secure system. While browsing you can use the latest version. While using your system, you need to remember a full boot time scan so that you can notice any suspicious activity.
By using citrix receiver app you can be able to access your webmail which is available at app store and playstore. This citrix workspace which combines physical and digital environment by providing applications along with data with secure smart space. Using this citrix receiver app you can increase overall space and stability. It also provides virtual desktops and applications.

With the help of citrix workspace, any TCS employee can easily view, review, modify and interrelate which provides overall features of windows documents, application, and information which you need, just like it would have been on your PC. is one of the official website of accessing tcs emails. With the help of the official site, the employees can be able to access tcs emails easily. Actually TCS company has changed the official website to a new website so that it provides better work experience to the employees.