How to Access Emails From Your smartphones or Computers


TCS is a very large number of employees. TCS offers all the TCS employees a unique Email ID. This Email ID is only valid until the employees working in that company. When the IT employees left the company the company will ban that Email ID. The employees can access their Emails from any location either from the office or from the home. By using this Email the employees can check the updates of their assigned work through their laptop from home. After entering the Email it will ask for the Ultimatix credentials of the employees. After entering the Ultimatix credentials te employees can log in and easily access their Emails from their smartphone or personal computers.

This app allows the users to access their Emails attachments sitting from any location. But the main thing while accessing the Emails is the employee has to remember the Ultimatix credentials. If the employees try to download an any of the attachments the account gets blocked. While accessing the Emails, If the Employees enter a wrong Email ID more than for 3times then the account gets blocked. To solve this issue there is a solution found by this organization. To recover the Email ID the employees have to raise an IT Ticket to get new Webmail ID.

If you are facing any issues to work only on the company premises, access Emails through an office only. To get rid of this problem you may easily download this Citrix Receiver app on your device and access your Webmails through the Emails sitting from anywhere and you can do the assigned work, or you will know any updates of your work through Webmails.


Employees are facing a lot of issues to remember several Ultimnatix credentials, Email IDs, to logging into different mail accounts to find detailed information about anything. So, To solve these problems of the IT employees the TCS company has migrated to the VPN. VPN is very well known as the virtual private network. By using VPN there are so many advantages like the data can be protected without being hacked or copied. It is a secured app. To solve this problem TCS has united with the Citrix Receiver app.

By downloading the Citrix Receiver app the users can easily access their Emails from their Smartphones, iPhones, computers sitting from anywhere. After downloading the Citrix Receiver app the app asks the users to enter the Ultimatix credentials only once. Within a single sign-in option the users can easily access their Emails from anywhere. They no need to remember a number of Email IDs. It always gives the exact information.

After downloading the Citrix Receiver app, Employees can know any information related to their company at their Emails. Open the Citrix receiver app and enter the Ultimatix credentials after logging with their Email ID they can easily know any information which they want. After logging in the employees will find the Netscaler gateway on that page they can access their Emails. By using Netscaler Gateway app the employees can easily sign in to their Webmails by a single click.