Dee Gyp Blancharde


If you seek “Dee Gyp Blancharde,” the web page comes up, and the primary submit says, It’s from three years in the past, and it’s the post that really started out the search for Dee Dee’s frame. The feedback show the diverse levels of friends and family locating out the news.In an interview after the fact, Gypsy stated she wrote the submit herself. “I couldn’t stand the concept of her just there because what happens if it would have taken months to find her, so I desired her discovered so she ought to have a right burial.” Essentially, she hoped the publish would motive problem amongst buddies and own family, who would alert the police.

Some circle of relatives buddies noticed the submit and went to the residence due to the fact they were concerned approximately Dee Dee. Police discovered her body that night, and that they were able to hint the IP address of the Facebook post to Nicholas Godejohn’s residence. He became Gypsy’s boyfriend at the time.

Now, Nicholas is serving lifestyles in prison for her murder, and Gypsy herself is spending 10 years at the back of bars.The Facebook page is technically a “legacy web page,” this means that it’s basically an in-memoriam scenario. You can’t Like the posts or comment anymore, however they’re nevertheless shareable. The now-notorious put up has a whopping 21,000 stocks, that’s really insane.Back in June 2015, a submit was shared to Gypsy Rose and Dee Dee Blanchard’s joint Facebook account. “That B*tch is lifeless!” the put up, which continues to be up, reads. Gypsy later told ABC News she wrote it so that someone might find her mom, Dee Dee’s, frame, because she “couldn’t stand the concept of her just there” or that it’d take months for someone to discover her. Ultimately, that is what caused police to Gypsy, too: they traced the IP cope with of the put up to the Wisconsin home of Gypsy’s then-boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, and the two were arrested.


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A short refresher: In real lifestyles and the show, Dee Dee pretended Gypsy had the whole thing from leukemia to muscular dystrophy to developmental issues. She compelled Gypsy to go with the scam, making her undergo surgical procedures and take medication she in no way needed; it’s suspected Dee Dee had a circumstance known as Munchausen by means of proxy. And this abuse all went on until Gypsy convinced her on line boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn, to stab her mother to death.

It’s tough to look at the clinical torture Dee Dee heaps on Gypsy in “The Act,” Hulu’s fictional anthology series primarily based on genuine crimes, however the story takes a fair darker flip when it’s discovered the individual abused any other relative in a exclusive way.