Citrix Workspace


Nowadays software people are very frustrated to remember so many Ultimax credentials to login into different websites. Because daily they have to access different mail accounts to work on different platforms. It is a difficult task for them to log in to the emails so many times. If you are one of those employees who is suffering about this problem then here we are providing the best alternate solution for this problem. Citrix Workspace is one of the best-designed apps which is featured with a lot of advantages. This app is a secured app, the data, files stored in this app will be secured without being hacked or copied. Citrix Workspace is very well known as Citrix Receiver.

About Citrix Workspace:

It is a unified workspace app, this app supports very well on Windows, ios, Mac, Chrome OS, Android, Linux. The users can access their webmails easily on this app in a simple way. Only by using this app on their devices the users can perform the different tasks like accessing their emails, logins, within a less span of time. With this app, the users can access their data securely, desktops and data sitting from various places. The users are wasting a lot of time while they are looking for any information across different locations.

By using Single sign-on (SSO)  the users can access their work like accessing their emails, files, Citrix content collaboration, One drive for business, ECM systems. For instant access to the data files which are stored centrally are synched on various devices. The users can perform different tasks at one place within a single sign in using this app. No necessary to remember Ultimax credentials while accessing emails, on login to various applications in this app. This application is designed for the employee’s availability to access their work-related assigned Emails from their Mobile devices.


How it is helpful for TCS Webmail?

If the users are facing any issues to access TCS Webmail then we are providing the alternate solution for the users without remembering the Ultimax credentials. The employees are facing several temporary problems to access their emails. The main temporary problems the employees facing are: To remember the Ultimax credentials, To access different webmails, to log in several times, To access emails and do the assigned work at only the company premises, etc, In order to solve this temporary problem the TCS have shifted their webmail and connected it through the VPN. VPN means Virtual Private Network. After installing Citrix Workspace app the employees can access the mails and they can log in directly from their Mobile, computer and employees can access their emails on Android or Apple phones.

How to download Citrix Workspace app on your Mobile?

In this Section, we are clearly describing the download process of Citrix Workspace on your Mobile. There are two ways to download the Citrix Workspace app on your device easily. The users can download this app either from the Google play store or from the app store. By following the above process the employees can easily download this app. By downloading this app on their Mobiles the employees can perform all the assigned tasks within a single sign-on. Without remembering the Ultimax credentials the employees can log in their accounts to access the Webmails.

  • To download the CitrixWorkspace app on your mobile visit the Google play store.
  • Click the app name called Citrix Workspace.
  • Now click on the download button.
  • After completing the download process click on the install button to start the installation process.
  • The app gets installed on your device.
  • Open the app on your Device and enjoy the features of it.