TCS Webmail – Access TCS Email from mobile

TCS Webmail: TCS Webmail allows TCS employees to access TCS Emails from their own mobile. By logging on to, employees can access the work-related mails easily. Recently TCS, a popular Multinational Company has migrated its encrypted service to a web-based email account.

What is TCS Webmail ?

Now you can directly use TCS Webmail login to access their work-related emails. Well, the you need to enter his/her identification information for logging into the account and access TCS mail from his/her mobile. Here this article helps in every aspect while you need to start. This address allows the remotely to virtual applications, files, and desktops.

Access TCS Webmail Now

Through Citrix receiver , You can connect with server and also blocks Unknown attacks against web. With the help of this account to a third-party VPN, which is majorly used to secure remote control. Through the mail the necessary documents can be shared remotely. It can be shared in the public networks and it protects the data online. Hence, after migration, it has become a hectic task.

Through the official portal, employee can navigate through official site

How do you login to TCS Webmail ?

By logging in to TCS Webmail the employee can easily have access to Emails from Phone . It has created a partnership which will give a flawless performance from its receiver. Now you can engage by launching the NetScaler Gateway. Just sign-in to the to get connected.

TCS Webmail helps you access emails through the official site. It has recently changed the webmail and can be connected through a VPN. The mobile phone access for this migration was not clear, but it is creating a temporary problem for this IT company. As of now, technically it is not possible for outside systems of the company’s premises, you won’t be able to be solved which is a major issue.

How To Access TCS Webmail?

  • First of all, you need to visit the portal
  • If not try to open the
  • After the app has been installed successfully.
  • Launch Netscaler Gateway to get connected (
  • Tata Consultancy sign-in page is displayed on your app.
  • You need to enter your TCS Webmail login.
  • Enter your Credentials (Username and Password).

How To Use TCS Webmail?

Through Citrix Receiver

  • You need to download the Citrix on App store and Google Play store.
  • Complete the download & installation the app on your device.
  • After it is successful, Launch the server as said above in Terms of Service.
  • After that, it will let you configure the webmail.
  • You have to select TCS Webmail which will let you to login.
  • If you own your ID & passkey to move into
  • Enter your ultimatix details  (username and password).

What TCS Webmail can Do?

It posses to support these TCS Work-related Emails.

  • consulting
  • digital projects
  • declaration
  • meetings
  • webinars
  • video conferencing
  • presentation
  • Eco possessions
  • Risk organisation
  • Engineering
  • Small element business
  • Enterprise safety.

As the it is an encrypted service for IT Employees to use their Email ID to check information.

Configuring outlook express requires proper credentials to manually input those settings. On official website, first thing you need to do, contact the administrator of mail address.: IMAP, SMTP Type: Either Pop3 or Smtp Your email Now, Launch your outlook express and it will ask you to create a name and create.

Just type your Name Input your email address(Case sensitive) and click next to continue. Select the type then click next to continue to edit the SMTP server. If the it prompts, just type it and ok to setup. You would be able to see their list of things as Inbox, Outbox and so on. Click Sync to sync the folders you have created then close it.


TCS Webex is a revolutionary idea by companies that allows their employees to attend a meeting from anywhere in the world. Multinational companies like Tata Consultancy Services features  the importance of employee benefits as they have their activities. You can navigate for the meetings, web conferencing or to get the best work experience to touch with their clients, offices around in the world.

Where as in TCS Webmail, its simple and easy. The Webmail can be accessed from anywhere and any device. All you need always start to examine. You can directly enter to the application from your desktop or even laptop. It offers banking, IT and also in BPO sectors.

TCS Webmail is an portal where you can access TCS E-mails from mobile smartphone outside the campus. This system was introduced by keeping in the mind. Otherwise, there are chances that your sensitive data of  can be depreciated from the company’s database if the someone works outside of the company premises.